Guest Post: Aaron Grant (Lila Leigh Hunter)

Welcome to my guest for today – Lila Leigh Hunter. I know she’s got to have a great book because… come on, she picked Captain Kirk over Batman and Superman and that’s what counts!

All About Me: Cast Edition – Aaron Grant

Hey, all! Thank you, Vicki, for letting me talk with your readers today. I want to introduce them to Aaron Grant. One of the main characters from my new States of Love novella, Dating in Retrospect. He’s a good Midwestern man living and working in Southeaster Iowa. He’s a college professor and runs the family farm, Grant Lanes. I couldn’t resist using the Facebook challenge “All About Me” to tell you more about him. Well, for him to tell you. Enjoy!

Full Name: Aaron Grant
Single or Taken: From single to taken in one year
Crush: Clay Keller *blushes*

Height: Six-feet
Favorite Color: Gold
Kids: A whole herd—to come—if you ask my father
Snapchat: Still trying to figure out the calendar on my iPad

Zodiac Sign: Geminisdatinginretrospectfs_v1

Last Drink: Coffee, lots, and lots of coffee
Glasses: Yes; tortoise shell frame
Cat or Dog: Neither. Not much of a pet person
Evil or Good: Definitely good
Favorite Sport: College football. Iowa Hawkeyes
Favorite Animal: None
Weird: No, that’s Clay’s specialty

Do You Have Haters: Yes!!! One faculty member; He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Funny or Not: Not

Apple or Samsung: Apple
Smart: Overachiever

Batman or Superman: Captain Kirk


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