Guest Author: Meg Harding

Meg Harding is a graduate of UCF and Anglia Ruskin University. For as long as she can remember, writing has always been her passion, but she had an inability to ever actually finish anything. She’s immensely happy that her inability has fled and looks forward to where her mind will take her next. She’s a sucker for happy endings, the beach, and superheroes.  In her dream life she owns a wildlife conservation and is surrounded by puppies. She’s a film buff, voracious reader, and a massive geek.

1. What’s the first thing you did when you received word you’d sold a book?
I told my mom lol. Anytime I get publishing news, I go right to her.

2. What part of the book is the easiest for you to write? Why?
I want to say the beginning, but it really depends on the book. Normally I kind of cruise through the intro, but lately it’s been a sticking point for me whereas the middle used to be where I really stalled.

3. What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
The middle edging into the end. It’s where I start to second guess myself and wonder if there’s holes in the plot, not enough plot, if I need to make it longer/shorter, etc. It’s where the overthinking really kicks in.

4. Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
I’m going to say Jackson because I relate to him. But Bastien will always kind of be my favorite out of this series because he was the start of this for me and I adore him.

5. If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as one of your characters?
This is really easy for me to answer, because The Last Favor was based off of Sherlock Holmes. So Benedict Cumberbatch would be Flynn.

6. Do you eat comfort food when writing? If so, what food inspires your imagination?
I don’t normally, mostly because I find when I do I stop writing in favor of eating.

7. What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?
I love hiking, so when I can I tend to find state parks to explore. On a daily basis it’s reading, though.

8. What’s your strongest point as a writer?
It’s probably my strongest and my weakest, but I’m neurotic as hell.

9. What is your favorite book that you’ve read?
Ahhhhhhh. I’m gonna pass. There’s too many.

10. You’re on a remote island with a handsome man, a computer, and a “mysterious” source of electricity to power your computer. What do you do?
Honestly? Be too awkward to talk to the guy and spend my time on the laptop playing Solitaire or something.

11. What genre would you like to try writing in but haven’t yet done so? Why?
Fantasy of the non-romantic kind. I’ve always wanted to—it’s what I grew up reading—but I haven’t come up with an idea that sticks yet.

12. What’s next for you?
The remaining books in this series are releasing, and I’m working on some future novels that might pack a heavier angst punch.

13. Tell us about this book.
Will You Be My Escort is the second novel in a series of four. It’s the sequel to Dinner for One, and focuses on James’s younger brother Jackson—a bisexual makeup artist—and Aaron, an escort. Jackson’s bad luck with relationships puts him in a sticky situation, and in a moment of panic he tells his mom he has a boyfriend to bring to the family reunion. Except he doesn’t. Aaron starts out as an escort, but he becomes much more.


willyoubemyescortfs_v1Will You Be My Escort, #2 in The Carlisles Series


A Carlisles novel

Jackson Carlisle has rotten luck with men and women, and after an especially bad situation, he takes a step back from romance. But with a two-week family reunion in Hawaii looming, his mom is determined to set him up with one of the sweet singles she knows would be perfect for him. A normal person would tell her no and be done with it. Instead, Jackson tells her he has a boyfriend. The only problem? He doesn’t.

Aaron Wilkes is an escort. He’s a little surprised when a friend’s girlfriend hires him to date her brother, but he’s had stranger jobs. Jackson is cute, and he thinks a fling with Aaron might be just the kind of no-strings-attached fun he needs to get over his dry spell. As they explore the islands together, their carefully laid plans begin to get away from them. Feelings aren’t supposed to come into play, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you can’t fall in love in two weeks….


Part of being in a large family means everyone knows everything. And it’s never forgotten, because inevitably someone remembers it. So Jackson doesn’t know how he hasn’t heard about the family reunion until he’s staring at the ridiculous card on his dark-cream tiled counter. Someone has taken the time to make a collage of the entire family’s faces and merge them into lettering that reads “You’re invited to the Carlisle Family Reunion.” He’s not sure whether to be impressed or appalled.

His phone starts to trill. He picks it up without looking. “Are you seeing this?” asks James. “I think I’m hallucinating it.”

“No,” says Jackson. “I’ve got it in front of me. It’s painfully real.”

The last thing in the world he wants to do is attend a family reunion. It’s a two-week-long affair at a resort in Hawaii (which would be lovely if the family reunion aspect was removed), occurring in three weeks’ time, during which they’re going to be surrounded by obnoxious extended family. It’s like something from a horror film.

“I don’t know why you’re complaining,” he says to James. “You’ve got a boyfriend.” He thinks about it. “Can Bastien not come?” He runs two businesses and works a lot, but he’s got a partner who can probably take things over.

“Bastien can come,” grumbles James. “He’s annoyingly excited for it.”

“He’s in for a rude awakening,” mutters Jackson. Bastien hasn’t met anyone outside of their immediate close-knit group yet—he wasn’t around for the last reunion. He’s probably expecting everyone to be like their particular branch of Carlisles. The extended family isn’t like them. Well, in some ways they are, but in others… no. They’re an eclectic group of people who mostly only bother to get together and converse for a period longer than a two-word holiday or birthday card every five years.

There’s a reason for that.

His call waiting goes off. He pulls the phone from his ear. “Mom’s calling,” he says on a sigh. “I’ll call you back.”

“Don’t bother,” says James. “I’m coming over, and we’re going to drink till we forget we’ve been invited.”

Jackson rolls his eyes. “You’re a drama queen.” He drops the call in the middle of James’s indignant squawks. “Hello,” he says to his mom.

“Hello, sweetie,” she says. “Did you get the invitation?”

He glares at their obnoxious collaged faces. “I did.” He looks closer. Someone has photoshopped a curled mustache onto James’s face. He holds the phone away from him as he snickers. Their cousin Bobby must have made the card. He hates James. “James has a mustache in the picture,” he tells his mom. “Did you see that?”

Her sigh is long and pained. “I did. I’m calling to let you know you have to go. You can’t get out of this.” She goes silent, but there’s something about it that makes Jackson feel like there’s more coming. He has a feeling he’s not going to like it. “I know things have been rough, since you had to move and all….”

And he called that.

“But I have a friend, she has a delightful daughter, and I think you two would really get along. She might take some of the pressure off the reunion? And I think it’ll be good for you. I don’t mean to worry, but you haven’t dated anyone since Angel.” He winces at the name. “It’s time to try again, don’t you think? Move on? We’re all worried about you, dear. I have a friend with a son too, he’s a bit older than you, but he’s got a nice job.”

The last thing he wants is to be set up by his mother. A sane person would tell her to butt out and hang up. Politely of course; this is his mom after all. Jackson has a short supply of sanity, though, and he’s been running on very little sleep for the last month. What comes out of his mouth, instead of “no, thank you” or “I don’t need someone else to be happy,” is “I’m already seeing someone.”

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15 Minutes

Sometimes in our lives, we have almost no time to do what we want to do – like write. So I started a new page here at my site today. It’s called “15 Minutes to Write”. Basically, the challenge is to take fifteen minutes from your day – and it doesn’t even have to be all at once, but it would be better if it is – and write. That’s approximately the time it takes to write one page. Some do more, some do less, but it’s a start.

What I will do to help you meet that goal is give you a daily challenge. Tips, tricks, jumpstarts, and more to get your writing juices flowing. Take a look at “15 Minutes to Write”. The daily challenges are in the dropdown menu. Enjoy!