The End isn’t…

When an auhors write “The End” on their stories, that’s all they have to do, right? Agents, publishers and readers will come knocking at their doors, eager to put that wonderful piece of writing out there for everyone to see.


Sorry, but like most things in life, it doesn’t exactly work that way. First drafts are rarely ready for publication. Unfortunately, a lot of authors think they are and when those agents and publishers don’t come calling, they put them out themselves. Which is why we have thousands of sub-standard, unedited manuscripts out there.

A first draft should go through at least three revisions before the author should even *think* of submitting it to an agent or publisher. And it helps if you have a critique partner to help you with these revisions. Note, I said “critique partner” and not “editor”. Unless you are going the self-publishing route, you really don’t need a full editor at this point. If you can find a good crit-partner, you will save yourself a ton of money that you don’t need to spend. Check on my “writer’s place” page for more on this. I’ll be adding stuff there over the next few weeks.

But this blog is all about me and my journey with my new book “What the Carpenter Saw”. After writing “The End”, it went through two critiques and several revisions before I submitted it. Then I waited. And waited. Seven long, never-wracking weeks – which is actually a rather short amount of time. I have waited up to a year for an answer from other publishers for other works. But Dreamspinner must have seen something because I was accepted. Contract was offered and signed and now the real work begins.

Stay tuned to find out what comes next.


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