October 5

Today is National Do Something Nice Day, National Kale Day, World Teacher’s Day, National Apple Betty Day, National Pumpkin Seed Day, National Walk to School Day.

Tips: When I’m editing a manuscript, I have a list of things I always look for. Make your own list and use it when you edit your manuscript. Some of the things I look for: then vs. than, that vs. who, “and then” phrasing, ellipses vs. dashes, intensifiers (words like really, very), sentences starting with an “ing” word (often leads to impossible actions), redundancies, repetitions, favorite phrases, etc.

Thought for the day: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Agatha Christie

Jumpstart: Write a paragraph or scene without using the word “the”. Need more of a challenge? Don’t use the letter “e” either. Good luck!